Our process

Different agencies have different approaches to the design-and-build process.  Here’s how we like to do it.

Initial requirements

Through your written brief, a meeting and/or our questionnaires, we get the information we need for a proposal.

Proposal & draft costings

We submit a written proposal and draft costings, and you decide whether to go ahead. If you like, we can break the project down into separate stages so you can test us out.

Agreement in principle

We sign an agreement for the initial discovery phase.

Detailed discovery

We go into the detail, researching solutions, fleshing out functionality briefs, interviewing other stakeholders and developing a project plan.


We confirm a breakdown of your site’s pages, the associated layout templates involved and what functionality will be needed where.


We prepare, modify and agree a rough sketch of the layout for each template.

Final agreement

We sign an agreement for the now-defined project.


We gather the text for your homepage, landing pages and other core places.


We source imagery from your own archives, from stock libraries or original photography commissions.

Data import

We import data in bulk where needed and possible from your old site.

Setup of hosting

We set up hosting at one of our preferred hosts, or your own choice.

Installation and configuration of WordPress CMS

We install the latest version of WordPress, tweak its basic settings and create admin logins.

Interactive, design-free prototype

Editable, empty pages for each part of your sitemap; a working menu system; search engine; posts, header, footer and sidebars. Now we have an real live website to play with.

Core plugins

We install our recommended, tried-and-tested basic extensions for adding functionality to WordPress.

Upload of core content

We format and add your first batch of content, to allow us to test the website with proper data and images.

Data structures

Where needed, we design custom data types with bespoke fields to organise your information, e.g. barrister profiles, areas of practice, or publications. We agree how the rest of your content should be formatted.

Advanced plugins

We source, install and customise any special plugins needed for your needs.

Custom programming

Where an existing add-on won’t do the job well enough, we create new functionality from scratch.

CMS customisation

Now that your website is taking shape, we enhance and streamline your CMS dashboard to give you an admin-friendly experience.

Client changes

You review the site so far, ensure we are meeting the original brief, and add new requests if required.

Graphic design

Based on the wireframes, the prototype and the content we’ve assembled, we start designing in Photoshop, and iterate until you have layouts you’re happy with.

Template coding

We convert the signed-off designs into ‘responsive’, mobile-friendly webpage templates, and merge them with the prototype.

Client changes

You review the designed version of the site, and have another chance to ask for changes.

Testing on browsers & mobile devices

Through manual and automated testing we review how well it displays in different environments, and fix any major issues.

Upload of remaining content

The rest of your text and imagery can now be added using WordPress to flesh out the rest of the site.

Final changes & client sign-off

You circulate the site to your colleagues, give us a final list of changes, and we agree if the site is ready to launch.

Internal QA testing

We run further tests and automated scans to ensure technical quality, accessibility, legal compliance and SEO.

External testing

On larger projects, we bring in our quality assurance partners to go through the site in detail in a professional testing environment.


We back up your old site, repoint the domain name, remove any restrictions and the site is live to the world.

Hosting, backups & technical support

We make sure your site works and expect the best…

Security testing & uptime monitoring

…but also have strategies for anything ever going wrong.

SEO, social media & mailout campaigns

Through different channels, we help you generate interest in your work and your website, and improve traffic and engagement.

Quality testing

Regular site healthchecks ensure that it doesn’t get stale.

User feedback

Now that people are using the site, your pool of testers and suggestion-makers has increased enormously. We can make use of that.

New features

We can suggest improvements and implement your new ideas.