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So you’ve launched your great new website – but now what?
At the very least, your WordPress website needs (a) hosting, (b) a backup solution, and (c) regular upgrades to WordPress and any plugins used.  We can provide these for you, or advise you on how to choose a host and maintain your site in-house.
But we offer much more than that, and have provided a wide range of tailored website support services to clients of many different kinds since 1999.  Hosting, technical support, hands-on updates, search engine optimisation (SEO), email marketing, event registration, quality assurance, social media support and much more.
“What brilliant service we always have.”
Amy Strudwick

Marketing, Pump Court Tax Chambers

“Fast, professional and completely reliable.”
Alex Kirby

Journalist, Climate News Network

Our support services



Business-grade hosting from the world-class WordPress host, WPEngine.  Unlimited webspace and bandwidth, daily backups, blazing fast infrastructure and strong security measures.


Nightly and on-demand backups, saved on separate servers, and kept for 30 days; easily restored in case of mishap.  If you’d like we can arrange a second layer of realtime backups too.


Up-to-date video tutorials on all standard WordPress admin functions, right there in your dashboard.  We’re also available for live video or onsite training sessions, by appointment.

Dynamic PDFs

This service allows your site visitors to download automatically generate PDFs from your website content – particularly suitable for personal profiles, say. The PDFs will pick up all the latest changes to the webpage version.

Discounted rates

If you use up your included hours in a calendar month, but want us to do more work (and we are able to accommodate it), clients on our higher plans get a discount on our normal hourly rates.

Technical support

For clients who host through us, we provide technical support for all server & hosting issues.


It’s critically important to keep WordPress itself, and any plugins you have installed, up-to-date with the latest versions, for security reasons and also to take advantage of any new features.  We’ll do this for you on a weekly basis.

Broken link scans

Links that no longer work, or never did, cause problems for your visitors and for search engines. We’ll set up an automated scan to give you weekly reports on any links that need fixing.

SEO analysis

Scanning of your website, monitoring of your performance for agreed search keywords in Google and other search engines, monitoring of your competitors and their successful keywords, actionable recommendations for optimising your website, monitoring of social media activity and paid advertising, link-building, keyword suggestions and more.


Priority response rates

Clients on higher support plans get faster response rates as you’re fast-tracked through our support queues.  Those on the Strategy plan can expect same-day support.

Uptime monitoring

If your website goes down, we’ll be told about it and take a look, without waiting for your visitors to complain.

Plugin licenses

While many WordPress plugins are free to use, some of the better ones come with one-off or ongoing fees. Our retainer clients get the benefits of our licenses for certain recommended plugins (worth £45/mo).


Websites are, unfortunately, like cars or bodies: they’re incredibly complex and prone to develop little issues over time. A regular healthcheck report will identify things that can be improved in four categories: technical, marketing, content and accessibility.


Hands-on support

If you have a Quality, Marketing or Strategy plan, we include a certain number of hours a month that can be used on any website improvements you ask for, or ones that we proactively suggest. We guarantee capacity for these hours and prioritise such requests above non-retainer work.


We provide basic security measures, two-factor login authentication, SSL certificates and malware scanning on all our sites.  If security is a particular concern we can layer additional measures on top.

Our support packages

Choose a package that’s right for you, or ask us if you don’t see one that fits.