Clients - Square Eye


We’ve been building websites for prominent organisations and individuals since 1999.

We’re proud to have these prominent organisations and people among our current clients:


  • 1 MCB
  • 10 Kings Bench Walk
  • 11 King’s Bench Walk
  • 12 Old Square
  • 4 Stone Buildings
  • 6 Pump Court *
  • 7 King’s Bench Walk
  • 8 New Square
  • African Association of Int’l Law *
    Azarmi & Co *
    Bates Wells & Braithwaite *
  • Blackfords LLP
  • Essex Court Chambers
  • Field Court Chambers *
  • Furnival Chambers
  • Garden Court Chambers
  • Garden Court North Chambers
  • Gatehouse Chambers
  • Gough Square Chambers
  • Hailsham Chambers
  • Higgs & Johnson
  • Lexwork International
  • Littleton Chambers
  • Monckton Chambers
  • Paul Key QC
  • Perceval Chambers
  • PNBA
  • Portrait Solicitors *
  • Pump Court Tax Chambers
  • Quadrant Chambers
  • Revenue Bar Association
  • Selborne Chambers
  • Sharpe & Jagger LLC
  • Stan Reiz QC
    Three New Square
  • Three Stone *
  • XXIV Old Buildings

(* new site coming soon)

“It’s invaluable having the Square Eye team on my side. I don’t know anyone else who has the same breadth of knowledge on all things digital – and who so well appreciates the very specific challenges of working with lawyers.”

Teresa Harman

Consultant, TH Marketing

“Great attention to detail – and very responsive.”

Tom Ford

Barrister, Essex Court Chambers


  • Bovill
  • Eastside Primetimers
  • Festt
  • Fiveways
  • The ICG
  • Mahout Change
  • Marketmaker Group
  • Morrison Ward Associates
  • Ride Tribe

“Very efficient, easy to do business with, cost effective.”

Ben Blackett-Ord

CEO, Bovill

“Our clients have all said how great the website looks, easy and logical to navigate and looks slick.”

Paul Haley

CEO, Marketmaker Group


  • Administrative Justice Council
  • Anglican Alliance
  • Climate News Network
  • Debate Mate
  • Ecclesiastical Law Society
  • Economic History Society
  • History of Education Society
  • John Smith Trust
  • New Arab Debates
  • QMUL Centre for the History of Emotions
  • Royal Historical Society
  • Silver Sunday
  • Strategic Society Centre
  • Think Global

“With the new site we can now hold our heads up with the best of the best.”

Tim Sebastian

Presenter, New Arab Debates

You provided us with a redesigned site which is simple to use, striking to look at, and which does all that we want of it.”

Alex Kirby

Journalist, Climate News Network