We’ve been building websites for prominent organisations and individuals since 1999.

We’re proud to have these prominent organisations among our current clients with WordPress support packages:


  • 1 Mitre Court Buildings
  • 10 Kings Bench Walk
  • 11 King’s Bench Walk
  • 12 Old Square
  • 4 Stone Buildings
  • 7 King’s Bench Walk
  • 8 New Square
  • ALBA
  • Blackfords LLP
  • Essex Court Chambers
  • Family Law in Partnership
  • Field Court Chambers
  • Furnival Chambers
  • Garden Court Chambers
  • Garden Court North Chambers
  • Gough Square Chambers
  • Hailsham Chambers
  • Hardwicke
  • Higgs & Johnson
  • Lexwork International *
  • Monckton Chambers *
  • Paul Key QC
  • Perceval Chambers
  • PNBA
  • Portrait Solicitors
  • Pump Court Tax Chambers
  • Quadrant Chambers
  • Revenue Bar Association
  • Selborne Chambers *
  • Temple Court Chambers
  • Three Raymond Buildings
  • Three Stone
  • XXIV Old Buildings

(* new site coming soon)

“It’s invaluable having the Square Eye team on my side. I don’t know anyone else who has the same breadth of knowledge on all things digital – and who so well appreciates the very specific challenges of working with lawyers.”

Teresa Harman

Consultant, TH Marketing

“Great attention to detail – and very responsive.”

Tom Ford

Barrister, Essex Court Chambers


  • Bovill
  • Eastside Primetimers
  • Gainsborough
  • Mahout Change
  • Marketmaker Group
  • Morrison Ward Associates

“Very efficient, easy to do business with, cost effective.”

Ben Blackett-Ord

CEO, Bovill

“Our clients have all said how great the website looks, easy and logical to navigate and looks slick.”

Paul Haley

CEO, Marketmaker Group


  • Anglican Alliance
  • Climate News Network
  • Debate Mate
  • Ecclesiastical Law Society
  • Global Dimension
  • Global Learning Programme
  • History of Education Society
  • New Arab Debates
  • QMUL Centre for the History of Emotions *
  • Royal Historical Society
  • Silver Sunday
  • Strategic Society Centre
  • Think Global
  • World Schools Debating Championships

“With the new site we can now hold our heads up with the best of the best.”

Tim Sebastian

Presenter, New Arab Debates

You provided us with a redesigned site which is simple to use, striking to look at, and which does all that we want of it.”

Alex Kirby

Journalist, Climate News Network