Sustainability | Square Eye


  • We are a fully remote team. As such, we don’t have an office that needs to be maintained.  All of our core team work from home;  a third of us run our homes on renewable energy, and another third intend to switch soon.  
  • We do have a physical presence at the Smithfield Business Centre, where we receive post and can use meeting rooms.
  • We rely on a variety of tech-tools to communicate with our remote team and manage our work. 100% of these are either carbon net zero or use renewable energy wherever possible to offset the remainder. 
  • We do not usually use paper in the course of our work. And we assist our clients to do the same by providing them with and educating them in the use of digital tools that avoid the use of paper wherever possible.
  • We are a digital-first business and hold meetings with clients and suppliers remotely as much as possible. In-person meetings are carefully considered, not assumed.
  • Our team follows the recycling guidelines in their respective locations.