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Hosting add-ons

Although we recommend managed WordPress hosting from the experts at Kinsta, we’re happy to work with any host of your choice.

There are plenty of decent, cheap web hosts suitable for lower-traffic websites;  if you’re looking for a recommendation, we might point you to Flywheel (mid-range) or Siteground (cheap).  Make sure whichever host you choose offers you the following:

  • WordPress hosting (usually, but not always, on an Apache server, with Linux operating system and MySQL database)
  • Daily backups – and check if they charge you in case you need to restore from a backup
  • A user-friendly control panel for managing your hosting
  • Disk space and bandwidth that is suitable for the size of your website, expected visitor traffic, and gives you room to grow in future
  • Reliable and helpful technical support (look at online reviews of your chosen host).  A live chat facility will get you answers much faster than a email ticketing system.

We’re happy to liaise with your selected host and set things up for you, and to assist with any hosting issues in future, but we do charge for time spent on hosting issues if you arrange your own.

It is also critically important that you, or your host, has a strategy to keep your WordPress software and any plugins used on your site updated to the latest versions.  This brings you new features and bug fixes as they are released, but also guards against hackers.  If you’d like us to handle your updates for you, wherever you host, we offer this as a standalone service.

That, and other standalone services we offer for websites on any host, are listed below.

WordPress & plugin updates

For complete peace of mind, let us handle your WordPress and plugin updates for you.  We’ll perform these once a week, and in the case of any compatibility issues where something breaks, we’ll roll you back to the previous version of the offending plugin and report the issue to its creators for you.  Included: an additional level of off-site backups, taken daily.


If you’re handling your own plugin updates, we can still arrange an extra level of daily off-site backups to protect you in case of any problems with your host.

Security scanning

Automated, regular scans to alert you if your site has been infected by malware or blacklisted for any reason.

Performance checks

Regular automated tests to evaluate the technical health of your website and alert you with the results.  Includes detailed analysis in a number of areas (e.g. page speed) and specific recommendations to improve your scores.

Uptime monitor

Get email or text alerts if your site ever goes down.

Broken link scanning

Links (within your site or to other websites) can break from time to time;  when they do, they annoy your site visitors and cause problems for Google.  Find and clean your broken links with our automated scanning service.

Basic SEO reporting

Track the performance of your site, and your competitors, for your priority keywords in leading search engines.

Advanced SEO reporting

Powerful SEO analysis and detailed reporting on your search engine ranking, keywords, competitors, backlinks, opportunities for SEO improvements and other key tactics for bringing more visitors to your site.

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