Escalations | Square Eye


Some of our WordPress support packages include priority response meaning that your requests for help with your website will be dealt with faster (as long as they’re straightforward and don’t need complex programming or troubleshooting).  Clients with regular requests are encouraged to take up an appropriate priority package so you get cheaper rates and faster turnaround on all your requests.

We recognise though that clients without priority support may have occasional emergencies you’d like us to look at quickly, fast-tracking you to the front of the queue.  In such cases you may request an escalation;  we don’t guarantee to be able to accommodate all escalations, as we must deal with priority support clients first, but if we’re able to, we’ll look at your request the same day.

How to request an escalation

  • If you sent your original request to [email protected], you’ll get an auto-responder to say it’s been logged.  In that email there is a link to request an escalation.
  • If you didn’t, then just use the form below.


  • Escalated work is charged at ‘time-and-a-half’:  150% of our normal standard rates, with a minimum job of 30 mins.
  • If we are unable to accommodate your request the same day, it will be treated as a normal non-priority request, and no escalation fee will be added.
  • By requesting an escalation, you are agreeing to these terms.


  • If known - you'll find this in the subject header of your support ticket email, once a ticket is created.
  • Any special requests.