SEO session: March 2018

Thanks very much for taking part in our client feedback survey.  As promised we’d like to give you a 1-hour SEO session in which we implement any improvements we can to bring more traffic to your site from Google, when searching for a specific phrase.

Please note: there is only so much one can do in an hour;  a proper SEO strategy takes a lot of work over a long-term period.  But we’ll look for quick wins and low-hanging fruit, and see if we can get your position on Google improved a bit, and hopefully convert to more visitors.

Please fill out the form below and we’ll book it in.


  • What one word or phrase would you like to rank higher in Google for, when people search for it? (The more specific it is, the easier it is to optimise your site for.)
  • When people search for that word or phrase, what page on your website would you like them to see featured? Please copy and paste the URL.