We use a support ticketing system, powered by the excellent Zendesk, to handle our day-to-day support requests from clients.  It means you get various notifications emailed to you at different stages in the process.  As you get used to our system, you may find you don’t need all of them and you can ask us to disable the less important ones.

First an explanation of how it all works:

  • You email in a question, a request for changes to your website, or a bug report.
  • Ideally you send that to [email protected], which puts it straight in our system;  if not, we’ll forward it to the system manually.
  • Your request is logged in our system and given a reference number;  and if you’re a client with one of our Standard, Professional or Elite support packages, it is moved to a priority queue.
  • You are sent an auto-responder email [A] confirming the request has been logged, and giving you the reference number and a link to view the ticket online.
  • When the email reaches the front of the appropriate queue, we take a “first look” at it.  We aim to take a first look at each ticket within the timeframe targeted for your support package (5 working days for Basic package, 3 for Standard, 2 for Professional and 1 for Elite).  The first look is taken by the “first responder”.
  • If the request is easy to answer or action, and the first responder is the right person to do so, we’ll take care of it there and then.
  • If we need further detail from you, we’ll ask you questions, which you will receive by email [B].  (To avoid or streamline this step, please include as much detail as possible e.g. specific examples, page URLs, error messages etc in your first email.)
  • If the request is not a quick fix, we’ll complete it as soon as possible after that point.
  • If it needs another member of our team to look at it, the first responder will assign the ticket to that person who will respond as soon as possible.
  • We will update you on our progress by adding comments to the ticket [C].
  • When the request is complete, or if we have a question for you, the ticket will be marked as “pending your reply” in our system.
  • If you haven’t replied for five days, you will receive an automatic reminder [D].
  • If you haven’t replied for two weeks, the ticket will be automatically closed and you’ll be notified [E].
  • If you confirm the request is complete or no longer needed, the ticket will be marked as “solved” and you will receive a final notification [F].

Regular clients may feel they don’t need all of these emails;  but if that’s the case, just ask us and we can disable them on a per-person or per-organisation basis.  We won’t disable emails B and C, as these are critical for your updates, but A, D, E and F can be stopped if you wish.  Let us know if you’d like any changes made.

You are also able to access all of your tickets, open and closed, by logging in to http://support.squareeye.com.  We can also integrate Zendesk with your WordPress dashboard so that you can access your tickets inside WordPress itself.  Just ask us if you’d like this done.