For some time we’ve been able to offer our plugin update service, where we take care of WordPress and plugin upgrades for you on a weekly basis, free to certain clients.  Unfortunately changes in the pricing of our suppliers mean we can no longer support this, and we’ve had to turn off the service for your website.  That means you will start to notice WordPress alerts telling you when updates are available and due to process.

It is very important that updates are done regularly, not only to take advantage of new features, but also to keep your website secure from hackers;  out-of-date plugins are one of the main ways they can get access to your site.  So please update things whenever you see a message in your dashboard advising you to do so.  See this article: A Guide to Updating WordPress, Plugins and Themes.


We recommend making sure your site has been backed up recently before any updates are made;  sometimes (very rarely) things can go wrong, such as new versions of plugins conflicting with each other, and a restore is required.  Your host may well provide automatic daily backups, although it can be difficult to restore depending on your host;  ask us if you’d like to use a third-party service such as VaultPress (plans from $3.50 a month).

Done-for-you updates

We do still offer our done-for-you update service, where we back up your site daily (in addition to any backups your hosts perform), bring your site right up to date every Monday, and take responsibility for restoring to previous versions in the case of conflict.  If you’d rather leave things to us for peace of mind, the service is £20 / month;  just contact us to arrange it.