Top-ups | Square Eye


Top-ups are blocks of hours, purchased in advance, to be used on smaller one-off projects or tasks where it’s difficult to estimate the exact time your requests will take – for example a series of small requests, each of which might lead to follow-up changes, or some of which involve solving problems for the first time.

Purchasing a top-up allows you to control your spend on unpredictable tasks by choosing a level you’re comfortable with;  when the current block is used up, we’ll send you a timesheet and you can make sure you’re happy with the work done before deciding if a new one is needed.

Choose any of number of hours (from 2 upwards); we do ask for payment before we start work.  A smaller block will let you review progress more regularly;  a larger block will mean less delay for invoicing & payment next time, and also discounted rates.

Please note: if you have regular requests on a monthly basis you’d be better off with one of our retainer support packages, which include time with our team (at discounted rates), priority response rates and other services.

Pricing for top-ups

Valid until 31st December 2021, and based on our current hourly rate of £120 + VAT for development or consultancy.

  • 4 hours: £480 + VAT
  • 8 hours: £912 + VAT (5% discount)
  • 16 hours: £1728 + VAT (10% discount)

If you’re on one of our retainer packages (Standard, Professional or Elite), your associated discount will be combined with your top-up discount;  for example, a customer on the Standard package (5% discount) purchasing a top-up of 8 hours (5% discount) would be charged £864 + VAT (10% discount).  The maximum total discount we can apply to our rate is 20%.

How to order a top-up

Just send an email to [email protected] letting us know the size of top-up you’d like to order;  we’ll send you an invoice with a link for online payment, or you can pay by bank transfer.